Why we became Microneedling addicts?


Microneedling or Derma Rolling is not for everyone, but the thought of it reducing the acne scars we carried with us into our 40's was enough of a reason for us to try it. The fact that it also reduces the signs of aging, resulting in fresher, younger-looking skin was a huge plus.

The treatment can work to turn back time and rejuvenate your facial appearance. The microneedling procedure is performed using a special medical-grade device. This state-of-the-art tool works by creating controlled micro-injuries in the skin, using tiny pinpoint needles which trigger the body’s natural wound-healing process.

In response, as the body produces new collagen and elastin, the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and acne scars is greatly reduced.


We did a lot of research and decided to purchase a $10 derma roller from amazon. We went with a 0.50mm needle because it was the shortest needle that penetrates the epidermis.

0.25mm rollers are a good for beginners as they used basically for what is referred to as transdermal absorption, or simply, enhanced absorption of skin care products. It does not stimulate the growth of collagen, but it does thicken the epidermis making it easier for the skin to respond positively to various skincare products.

Numbing cream is suggested for up to a half hour before use. The pain level is tolerable and doesn't last long. The best time to use our Youth serum is after microneedling as it allows for the most product absorption.

For those with sensitive skin who experience dry itchy skin after treatment we suggest using our Clear CBD infused Hydrocortisone Cream.



Rachel zimbelman