Why I started CBDNA

CEO, Rachel Zimbelman

CEO, Rachel Zimbelman

Hello, My name is Rachel Zimbelman CEO and creator of CBDNA.


I started CBDNA out of pure necessity 2 years ago. I was looking for one product to could help heal and balance the acne, dryness and redness of skin conditions my family were dealing with at the time. My criteria were that it had to have minimal ingredients, no harsh chemicals or sulfates, be cost-effective and it had to work. But, I couldn't find anything to fit the bill. 

That is where the idea of our first product (Clear) was born and I knew immediately there was one ingredient I had to include in all of our products. 


In my profession as a designer and brand creator I began working with Cannabis businesses in legal states like Colorado, Oregon, Washington and Nevada starting in 2014, at the same time I was diagnosed with an auto-immune illness and as luck would have it I became friends with the only organic cannabis cultivator in Nevada. He created an infused honey made with high CBD strain cannabis. I was skeptical that this plant could help curb the issues I was suffering from but I was more determined to stay off Pharmaceutical drugs and avoid their long list of side effects. I began taking a teaspoon of honey with my tea every morning and within a week I was able to venture from my home and become a normal functioning member of society, a task my illness had taken from me. This started me on a mission to learn more about the powers of CBD.

I became an advocate for it's medicinal uses and with the help of an aesthetician began learning about the powers of plant based oils to achieve healthy balanced skin combined with CBD's capacity to heal and restore balance at a much deeper level than other products. 


I have created three products, each formulated to help with specific conditions. I believe the skin does better with less and that is why I use a non-invasive skin routine combined with a few secret weapons. (Microdermabrasion from the local aesthetician school)



Many other topical treatments act to only relieve symptoms, but do not impact the Endocannabinoid System to restore balance to the skin's biological properties like CBD does. That is why I made sure that CBD was the main ingredient in all our products.

We work with a local Nevada farmer to source organic, lab tested CBD from hemp and are constantly on the hunt for high-vibe organic botanical oils. The power of our clean CBD combined with other consciously sourced essential oils help to create happy, balanced skin.

I have created three products to help with specific skin conditions. 

CBD CLEAR HEALTHY SKIN SERUM, Balances out oil production, heal blemishes and fights signs of fatigue all while leaving the face hydrated and non-greasy. Getting you on the path to balanced healthy skin.

CBD ARGAN GLOW SERUM, Turns back the clock and leaves your face hydrated and healthy with a beta-carotene induced glow. Smooths fine lines and wrinkles within days of use creating that youthful appearance with each application. 

CBD BALANCE CREAM, For those coping with chronic skin conditions. Balance infuses high quality CBD with Argan oil and Hydrocortisone cream allowing those conditions to be prevented or managed. The result is beautiful balanced skin.